As a small, but flexible operator, we can provide a personalized service for all our customers. We appreciate for sustainable development, but for a good wine there’s always a spot in our portfolio, whether it is organic, biodynamic, natural or without any specific category. Our wines truly represent their origin and winemakers.

As professionals in restaurant business, we strongly believe in our own expertise in building a wine list that works in many business areas. We want to offer you all the skills we have. Carefully selected wines come from well-known producers with whom we have a strong and close relationship. The essence of the selection are wines that are particularly good in a restaurant environment – they can be thrown by glass for sale at a place like a place. We offer affordable wines that people really want to drink. These wines don’t need ages in the cellar -open & enjoy!

The natural style wines definitely have their place in the current wine culture. We find these wines highly interesting and these wines play a strong role in our selection. From this range you will find growers from classical French and Italian wine regions, but also interesting and new winds for example from Austria and Greece.

Above all, we want to work with restaurants and bars. Our long and solid background in restaurants ensures that we understand their needs well. We’re able to tailor the products that best fit for each restaurant’s needs and we do this with our hearts. Every day.

We are at your service for different kind of tastings and lectures!

Our mission is to be part of building a better and bigger wine and restaurant culture in Finland in cooperation with other players in the industry!

Lari, Sebu & Tomi


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Tomi Björck